Sunday, February 7, 2010

Kids say the darnest things...

1. After finding out the class fish was pregnant, a girl with all sincerity and concern says, "We need to put a fish doctor in there!"  (H.J.)

2. After a close look at our calendar, a boy says, "Hey everybody, I have an announcement! We only have two more days until our 100th day of school!"  (D.F.)

3. When I told the class that it was about to be my birthday, a girl said, "Are you goin' to the cluubb?" (T.H.)

4. While pushing a toy car around, a boy starts singing, "Going to the clubb..." (C.G.)

5. "I've been acting so foolish." (T.W.)

6.  I told the class that the library was closed for checkout because of the book fair. A boy says, "Why won't the book fairy let us check out books?!" (D.F.)

7.  This little girl was playing with a dollhouse that had a blender. She said, "Momma's gonna mix some drinks cause she's got a date." (Z.P.)

8. A student's attempted insult to other kids... "Ball-headed." (E.P.)

9. I was beginning a discussion about leaders, and I showed the class a picture of George Washington. I asked the class who it was. They didn't know. I told them he was the first president. "Barack Obama!" I said "George..." and I had two responses "Bush" and "Clooney!" (T.T.)

10. "May you please repeat that? I was daydreaming." I told him something to the affect that he needs to pay better attention and stop daydreaming. His comeback - "Well I don't have very many dreams at night!" (D.F.)

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  1. The one about momma makin' up some drinks in the blender is tremendously funny.