Thursday, February 25, 2010

Read Me Week Continued

I fixed my door and added the book's character. :]  "Oh how many feet you meet!"

Today was PAJAMA DAY, and tonight we had a family night AKA a PAJAMA PARTY!! The families had 3 places to visit on a rotation. I manned the "Sleepy Snakes" library. We had a hot chocolate, cookies, and a fabulous storyteller. The other 2 places were the "Pooped Penguins" FRC, where families heard from NPT about how to make reading fun, and the "Bedtime Bears" cafeteria, where families played literacy-related board games. Then the families had pizza and took home new books! We had a huge turn-out, and I think it went great! 

I also must add a couple of other doors that turned out really cute... I'm sure I'll add more later.


  1. LOVE the door decorations! What was the activity for the Cat in the Hat book?

  2. Thanks! I think the cat's face is made from painting the rim of a paper plate, adding ears, pipe cleaner whiskers, etc. and then each stripe of the hat they wrote an -at family word.

  3. I really love your firefly door! I bet the kids did too.

  4. where did you get the lights for the fireflies