Monday, February 22, 2010

Read Me Week

It's "Read Me Week" at our school. One of the events involved is a door-decorating contest. Kindergarten chose to do a Dr. Seuss theme. My class read The Foot Book. I just realized that my parent volunteer spelled Seuss wrong! Haha, I'll have to remember to change that tomorrow...

"Left foot
Right foot
Wet foot
Dry foot
Slow feet
Quick feet
Up feet
Down feet
Small feet
Big feet
His feet
Her feet
Up in the air
Over the chair
Oh, how many feet you meet!"

(The last picture has everyone's feet up in the air in a circle. It's really cute!)

Last year, kindergarten went all out! We went beyond the door, and transformed the entire hallway! We each chose a book for an ocean theme. My class read A House for Hermit Crab by Eric Carle. Each child painted a new house for Hermit Crab and added something to it to make it better, just like in the story. Can you believe there are actually 4 doors in this picture?!


"I’m a little like that hermit crab I’m growing in my shell;
Soon enough I’ll move along saying goodbye to Kindergarten’s bell.
I’m a little like that hermit crab, I need the safety of my shell.
Yet every month I’m bigger, the length of my clothes will tell.
I’m a little like that hermit crab, this school is my ocean floor.
There are endless possibilities, so much world to be explored.
I’m a little like that hermit crab, I’m stepping out real soon.
Please applaud my courage, even small bells ring a tune.
I’m a little like that hermit crab, and though it’s sad to be parted;
I know the world awaits me- and I can’t wait to get started!" (Pat Ammons)

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