Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Word Walls

This word wall takes up a huge corner of my room. My teaching table is located in front. The picture cards may not make sense. Take Xx for example. What does a cat clawing at a mouse have to do with anything that begins with x? Well, nothing! The picture represents the sound the letter makes: "The cat claws at the mouse. /ks/ /ks/ /ks/." The sound is also tied with the motion of clawing. I love sound cards!! We have many fun ways to review our words such as saying the words in different voices (monster voice is their favorite) or spelling the words with frog jumps. 

This is more of a student-use interactive word wall at the writing center. The words are Velcroed on, and I encourage my students to take down the word they are using to copy it. If front of this mini-word wall, is a trifold poster of all the sound cards described above.

Each student keeps a Word Worm booklet inside their Home Folder. The first page is a worm with our first five sight words, he second page has the first ten, the third page the first 15... On Worm Word Wednesday the Worm Word Wizard shows up, which is just me wearing my wizard's hat. Each child has the opportunity to try to pass the page he/she is working on. The page shown above is actually the first page of our second book, which has all new words that they don't even have to know in kindergarten. My students love their worms, and so, more than half the class has already mastered the 40 kindergarten words (of which, they only technically have to learn 25). I even have a few who are looking for me to make a third book! 

 My students love to use our names word wall. Since the names are on a pocket chart, they can take a name to their seat to copy it and then put it back. 

This is what our math word wall looks like right now. It's in our "Marvelous Math" center.


  1. I love your blog - what great ideas! I am an ex 2nd grade teacher who is now homeschooling my youngest 2. I was wondering if you shared your files? I would love to use the Word Worm books with my son - they would be great to motivate learning our sight words. Thanks and I look forward to many more wonderful ideas!

  2. Thanks for your interest in my blog. I'm glad I have some ideas to offer!

    I would love to share the Word Worm books with you, however, I do not have the files on my computer. I actually just got a copy from another teacher.

    It's almost time for a new year, and I can't wait. Do you have a blog? Best wishes for your homeschooling adventures!