Friday, March 19, 2010

Easter in Centers

Egg Sort

Addition with erasers

Easter Tracing Boards:
I have about 8 different pictures for them to choose from. They put a piece of tracing paper on top, and use the skinny markers to trace the picture. Then they color the picture in with colored pencils. If they have time leftover they can do the addition cards or Easter spiral art. (The trays are to the right on our "Home Living" center oven, which hardly gets to be used. :(  )

Pom-poms and mini Easter baskets

Easter Egg flash cards: Count the stickers, check with the answer on the back. I also encourage the students to put the cards in order or sort them by color. 

Number Word and Numeral Matching

Eggs to match uppercase and lowercase letters

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  1. What a great collection of ideas! I taught kindergarten for 6 years before becoming a stay at home mom. I love teaching! Best wishes. I am going to try your tracing idea at home with my five year old.