Thursday, March 4, 2010

Good Day Sunshine!

Today my closest coworker/mentor  found out that her husband's tumor is benign!! I jumped for joy when she interrupted class to tell me the news. It's such a huge sigh of relief. It's things like this that remind me how to be really happy. AND today the sun was shining brightly, giving us the first bit of warmth of the year.

Tonight I watched our 3rd and 4th grade celebrate Black History Month with a program entitled "From Africa to America," led by our wonderful music teacher. I cannot even begin to describe it. I love, love, love hearing children sing. I was moved to tears as I listened to songs from Africa with beautiful solos. I was moved to the rhythm of the little girl who rapped like nobody's business. Besides singing, the children played instruments, acted, danced, and spoke about important people and events of black history. I give the program two thumbs way up!

In other news, I now know that my husband and I will not be moving this summer. Whew! I have my fingers crossed that although I'm the "low man on the totem pole," I get to keep my position at my school. By tomorrow the principal is supposed to be informing everyone of any grade-level changes. So far, I'm in the clear!


  1. I will definitely say a prayer for you tonight Alicia, that you get to stay where you are!