Saturday, March 13, 2010


The Power of the SMELLIES, aka chapstick
Imagine, you look at the clock and to see that you have less than 10 minutes to have your class lined up to go, and they are deeply involved in centers that need to be put away, have jackets to put on and zip, mittens, hats,  bags to load with papers and library books, and on and on. It can be quite difficult for some. I have looked around to see children trying to write invitations and their phone numbers down to hand out, children thumbing through the pages of their library books, etc. seemingly without care that in just minutes the bell will ring. When I am on the verge of panic, I pick a power, such as Vanilla Cream, and dab a little onto the back of the hand of every child who is ready to go. It is so encouraging that the whole class can be ready in under five minutes!! 

Brain Spray, aka water
Not only is it fun to squirt kids with water, but they love it! I pull this out when they are sleepy, unmotivated, or when they need a self-esteem boost. It goes right along with Dr. Jean's "Kiss Your Brain," song that I frequently play for my class. 

What are your secret weapons?


  1. Great ideas!!! I love the brain spray.

  2. Thanks, Sienna! :) I haven't sprayed in awhile... I think I'll really get 'em tomorrow!