Thursday, March 18, 2010

Morning Meeting

We're on Spring Break, but today I went to school to work on a few things (like report cards). This is my calendar/morning meeting stuff... Busy, huh? :) 

The Star Student (changes daily) gets to stand and help, while everyone participates in singing, counting, etc. First I ask them the following questions: What is today? What comes before? What comes after? And we add the signs to "Yesterday was..." 

Then we sing to the tune of "Are You Sleeping?" “Today is ____. Today is ___; All day long, All day long. Yesterday was ___. Tomorrow will be ___. Hip, Hip, Hooray! What a day!” 

Then we go right into our next song, "Days of the Week," to the tune of the Addam's Family theme song. It goes like this: "Days of the week. ** Days of the week. ** Days of the week. Days of the week. Days of the week. ** There's Sunday and there's Monday. There's Tuesday and there's Wednesday. There's Thursday and there's Friday. And then there's Saturday. (Repeat intro.)

And, we sing  “There are 7 Days...” to the tune of “Oh, My Darlin’.”

Next, we count. First we count the days up to today's date using ordinal numbers. The Star Student will point with a pointer to the days. Next, I write the date in two ways, and we say it together.

I really stress place value every day. I write the number sentence in two ways and we solve for the number of days we've been at school. We add a straw and count to see if we are right. I ask them if it's an even or odd number. I help them with this concept by counting the straws in the ones place by twos. If a straw is by itself, we say "Awww...odd, and if not, we say "Yes, it's even - everyone has a partner." 

We also add 1 cent, 1 unit, and 1 tally. This gives us so much practice counting in different ways and seeing the same number represented differently. It's also a good review of coins, and a good introduction to place value. Once a week, we estimate how many whatever are in a jar, and then count it out to get the actual answer.

We talk about the seasons, and then we sing "What's the weather like today, like today, like today? What's the weather like today. Today is ____." The Star Student goes to the window and answers us with sunny, rainy, etc. We turn our weather dial, complete the weather sentence, and add to the month's weather graph. We discuss the graph using terms more than, less than, fewer, equal to, and we predict what the weather might be like tomorrow. We also refer to the thermometer and discuss the temperature and how that affects what we wear.

After all this, we usually go right into a Morning Message or a graphic organizer that relates to what we will be reading next. Sometimes we have a lot of wiggles though, and we have to stand up and sing and dance. We love "Macarena Math" on Dr. Jean's album. We also sing the months of the year to the same tune.

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