Saturday, March 6, 2010

Rainbows and Clovers

Once a month kindergarten has "Creative Corner." Our school has a Family Resource Center, and the director kindly hosts this fun activity inviting parent volunteers. Each kindergarten class sends 4-5 students at a time for about 30 minutes each to intermingle with other children and do something that really seems like kindergarten. I'm so grateful for this occurrence, as we hardly have time with the standards so high to get many activities like these into our schedule. This month, they made the rainbow and pot of gold shown above. One of the parent volunteers even came back to my room and hung them from the ceiling! Very cute!!

I found this idea of cutting apart the clover cards and having the children find the matching numbers. I want to make this! Although I have A LOT of center activities right now, I think it's easy enough to make and the children will enjoy it.

I found out yesterday that my door was the kindergarten winner of the door decorating contest. The same parent mentioned a moment ago did my door as well! I'm very lucky to have her. Her son is amazing too. Last year my door tied for first place. I'm not sure how I've pulled this off. I have pictures on a recent post. 

I didn't hear anything from the principal about changing grade-levels, so as long as they're aren't any cuts, I will keep my position!! 

I hope to have pictures up next week of kindergarten's March Madness! :)


  1. Congratulations Alicia! That is absolutely terrific! The creative corner sounds great and I know the children love it.

  2. It is officially the "Mrs. Pierce wins the door contest tradition"

  3. Thanks!
    I love traditions. :)