Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Break

Monday afternoon I drove up to Kentucky to visit my dad and little brother. I had to leave Tuesday afternoon, but I really enjoyed the time I had there. The top picture shows him when he was pretending to be a dog fetching the yellow bowl on his head. In the next picture I was reading to him and he got on the back of the couch and bent over me so I saw him upside down. He's so silly!! The last picture shows him playing with one of the best toys a child could have - an empty box! Is he a snail or a hermit crab? He's a smart and funny kid.

Today I baby-sat for a family that I have kind of grown a part of over the past 5 years. They had been doing some spring cleaning, so I have 3 bags full of books and things to take to my classroom. I feel so fortunate for everything this family has given me. We had a fun day of eating lunch out and beginning a painting project that we will finish on Friday. We also noticed that one of their parakeets, Blueberry, has laid 2 eggs! They look just like the Cadburry chocolate eggs that I love sooo much. We watched the birds for awhile, because Blueberry looked like she could lay another egg at any moment. When I was leaving their house, I could hear so many birds singing. I took a picture:

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