Sunday, April 18, 2010

Shower for Ethan

My dear friend Krissy is becoming a mommy this summer. I'm so very excited for her and her husband. Yesterday I helped her mother, cousin, and family friend throw her a baby shower. We had a lot of fun.

Carlotta made the cake and had the shower at her lovely house. 

I was in charge of games and bringing some food (fruit salad and edamame to go with cucumber sandwiches, cheese, crackers, and a veggie tray). I made a packet of games and things in the shape of a bib (shown on the "baby" above) for each person. Below is what the packet actually consisted of.

J(...last name removed)




2010 Edition
--------page break--------
The J... Production
Announcing: Ethan Michael J.
{address removed}
(Exceptional Model)
Designer & Engineer . . . . . Greg J.
Co-Artistic Director . . . . . Krissy J.
Model to be released 
July 2010
Standard Equipment
Two Lung Power
Scream Line Body
Water Cooled Exhaust
Changeable Seat Covers
The Design Team assures the public that there will be 
no new model next year!!!

--------page break--------

Ten little fingers, ten little toes
It’s amazing how fast a baby grows.
Still in the womb and out of our sight
Yet we know that he’s growing every day and at night.
We listen to progress and what Krissy’s going through
We offer our help, anything we can do.
While she hears a sound and Krissy feels him kick
She tries to explain it, but it is hard to mimic.
So we anxiously await for the day to draw near
When at last we’ll meet Ethan, so precious and dear.
Soon he will know what life’s all about
He will laugh, he will play; he will cry, there’s no doubt.
We will watch him start crawling and then start to walk
And more excitement will come as he learns how to talk.
But for now we must wait, it’s all we can do
Until the time comes when we hear his first coo.
Baby Ethan is on the way
Let’s start celebrating today!
We are glad you are here to share a few hours.
What fun we have at Krissy’s Baby Shower!
--------page break--------
Ethan Michael J...
Origin: Hebrew, English
Meaning: strong and optimistic, solid and enduring
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: one who is like God
Family Name
--------page break--------
Baby Words
(This was actually two columns, and I can't figure out how to copy that correctly)

1. ciripafe         ______________  
2. pierda agb   ______________
3. teltob           ______________
4. ibrc              ______________
5. natsbenis     ______________
6. runsyer         ______________
7. ballyul           ______________
8. eonise           ______________
9. ihhg ihrac     ______________
10. lettra          _______________
11. acr teas     _______________

12. signurn      _______________
--------page break--------
Baby Names

   A Coin                        __________________ 
 Happiness                  ___________________
 Bird’s Beak                 ___________________
 Precious Gem            ___________________
 A Small Cut                ___________________
A Beam of Light          ___________________
To Have a Lawsuit      ___________________
A Flower                     ___________________
A Bird                         ___________________
 A Christmas Carol    ___________________
 A Season                 ___________________
 Male Cat                  ___________________
 A Hair Style              ___________________
 To Allow a Privilege ___________________
 A Month                   ___________________
--------page break--------

I'm sorry I couldn't be here,
but I'm not quite ready yet.
I'm painting my eyes, hair and cheeks
and soon I'll be all set.
I'm sending this little message
to convey to you this thought.
The stork will soon have left me
to use the gifts you've brought.
Thanks for the lovely welcome
you have given me today.
And when you see the stork fly by
you'll know I've come to stay.
I thank you from my tiny heart
for the lovely gifts you share.
Soon I'll be on my way home
to show you how much I care.
~Baby Ethan

There's Krissy in the green!

We also played "Dress Baby," during which two teams dressed a player as a baby using two rolls of toilet paper. Krissy got to sit out for this one and be the judge. 

The one on the left won. I was amazed how well both teams did with this silly task. It was excellent! 

Then everyone got to take a fresh cinnamon roll home as a party favor. (My mother and I made these, and we ate quite a few!)


  1. What a sweet gesture! I know your friend really appreciated it!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks, VKT. Hope you are having a great week!