Saturday, April 17, 2010


A is for alligator. 
I'm so grateful for the chaperones that came along. I think I had 8! That gave every chaperone just one or two kids to herd. 

Fine creature, that giraffe! 

A white tiger, too!
One of our favorite parts was seeing the ostrich egg. We could even see what looked like another egg about to be delivered! 

Z is for zebra
Always a favorite. 

Other fun things at the zoo...

The petting zoo - poor goats. 

The unforgettable playground, which is so huge I can't see a single child in the picture. It looks like it's going to eat a chaperone! I've played on the playground myself, and I loved it. The best part is this big net to climb on. Very cool. 

Our field trip was a success!

Last year we went to the zoo the week of TCAP testing and we wore red shirts. It seemed every child below 3rd grade was at the zoo that day, and they all had on red! It was a nightmare. This year we decided to wear green, wear visors, bring more chaperones, and go the week before testing. So instead of a couple of thousand students at the zoo, there was more like 600. It doesn't get much better than that...

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