Monday, May 3, 2010


So Friday I enjoyed a gorgeous day outdoors for our field day. Friday night I went to a cook-out with more great weather. Then Saturday, I woke up to drenching thunderstorms. Nashville has now seen about 13 1/2 inches of rain just this month, causing ridiculous amounts of flooding. I've never seen anything like it...

Source unknown - I-24 with 150 stranded vehicles. 

by Stacey Irvin -  View of downtown Nashville and the Cumberland River from the pedestrian bridge - Suspected to crest tonight reaching something like 50 feet.

Source unknown - I'm in love with this city's spirit.

by Wriker Photo - Beautiful photo, beautiful city. 

by Steve Anderson

by Erik Hollander

I've been home all weekend staying dry. I've been very fortunate to not have any damage to my apartment building or vehicles. The damage is inconceivable, with 6 lost lives in Nashville and 12 state-wide. Thousands have been evacuated, have damage to their homes/cars, and tons of roads are still closed... What a disaster!

Meanwhile, school's been out... I'm still home, trying to figure out how I can help.


  1. Oh my goodness Alicia, I had no idea. Those pictures are eye openers. I am amazed at the flooding. Blessings

  2. I heard we weren't getting much national news coverage. I've only seen it here and there. I still can't believe it myself!