Friday, May 14, 2010

Funnies for Friday

Today during a reading of a Curious George book, one of my boy's said "That man with the yellow hat really needs to get a name!!" . . . Earlier this year I had laringytis, but I had to work. (I'm not a fan of having a sub.) The same student would not stop telling me to "Just go like this..." as he cleared his throat.

Yesterday on the playground I got a hug from a student I taught last year. I asked her if she was ready for 2nd grade. She looked at me puzzled and said, "When am I going to 2nd grade?!" like she had no idea. She's a silly girl. It reminded me of the first day of school this year when she showed up to my classroom. I thought she was just there to say hi, but she sat down on her old spot on the rug! When I told her that she wasn't in my class anymore, she was so confused. She didn't even know who her new teacher was!

I also enjoy a good laugh when a child takes something that is figurative literally. Last year I got on to one little fellow by telling him to "Cut it out!" and he said "huh?" as he picked up a pair of scissors. One day this year I told the class to "Stop farting around!" The reaction was priceless. Half the kids just lost it with laughter and others looked puzzled and amused at the same time. I imagined them to be picturing someone being launched around the room like a let-go-balloon from passing gas.

One of my coworkers mentioned something about picking something up from the drugstore. Then a child gasped and said, "They have stores for that?!" 

The same coworker told me about a student who she can never turn her back to. One day the teacher stepped into the restroom while her class was busy in centers and when she opened the door, she was greeted by her class right outside the door shouting "Happy Birthday!!" Right there front and center and the loudest, was this little girl.

Yesterday the same teacher had to step out of her room for just a second, and she heard that little girl scream. The teacher threw open the door and saw everyone trying to hide under tables, etc. And who do you think organized this? Her teacher doesn't find it entertaining, but I think it's hilarious. Haha.

These stories may only be funny to teachers or they may be the kind that you just "have to be there" to appreciate, but his sort of thing cracks me up!!

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