Friday, July 30, 2010

Time to Set-Up!!

Yesterday was my first day back in my classroom. I was so excited about going back, that I could hardly sleep all night and work up pumped at 5:15 and I couldn't even get into the school until 9! :)

 I worked again 9-2:45 today. I really enjoy setting the room up, especially after my summer reading that gets me inspired to try new things.

Pictures will come. Maybe tomorrow. We can go in from 9-1.

I took the MAT on Tuesday, and Monday I have an interview for grad school. Classes start October 7.

Friday, July 9, 2010


I'm loving my new PortaPortal (  guest access name is kteachers)!! It has really helped me get even more organized and feel better prepared to use technology in my classroom. I'm also hoping that the teachers on my team will find it useful too.

I've come across so many great sites in the last couple of days. The first is, which was brought to my attention by Clemencia at  The second is I have spent tons of time on this website printing off reading centers, and then cutting and gluing them on colored index cards and cardstock.

I also have a PortaPortal of online learning games my students use: guest access name is kfh). They love to use it in the computer lab, and they have access to it at home too.

Anyone else use portaportal? What kind of technology do you use?

Other news...

I'm still studying for the MAT, which is scheduled for July 27. I improved my score on my second practice test, so I'm a lot less stressed about it now.

Also, I forgot to mention in my last post, I turned 24 in May! I made Rice Krispy Treats and brought them to school to celebrate my and all other summer birthdays.

Monday, July 5, 2010

It's been a loonnng time!!!

To  catch everyone up...  Here's what's happened: 

1. I survived my second year teaching! Whahoo!! The end of the year was jammed pack! We had a fun luau and an award's day, cleaned and packed away my classroom, and then hugs, hugs, good-bye!

2. I went on a 2 week vacation visiting family in Kentucky and Michigan with my husband. We went to a handful of various bodies of water kayaking and having a great time.

3. I bought Microsoft Office for Mac and began working on power points for school, since at the end of the year our projectors were installed. I also attended a technology workshop and learned so much about clickers and ELMOS. I really want one of those! I also created a portaportal for kindergarten teachers. 

4. I've been a reading machine. I'm currently reading Teaching With Love & Logic: Taking Control of the Classroom by Jim Fay & David Funk, so hopefully I won't have as an exhausting third year. So far, this book has been amazing, and I am so grateful to the man who ordered it for me.

5. A teacher was throwing out a small bookshelf, so I brought it home. I've sanded it, and bought red paint for it. Perhaps I'll get around to it today.

6. I've continued to work on my application process for grad school. I need to take the MAT, but I'm dreading it. I took a practice test and scored high enough to be accepted, but what if I mess up on the actual test!? I've been brushing up on my vocabulary and such.  

7. I've done some volunteering, which really cheers me up. I've handed out water to flood victims, helped renovate a building that provides food and clothing to the needy, helped a teacher move some of her things to her new classroom, and pulled weeds and such for dear friends. 

8. I've been playing a lot of Banagrams. I love it!

9. I have been coloring and cutting and glueing several new file folder centers. If only I had a laminator... 

10. Because this list wouldn't be complete without a number ten... I'm feeling more and more refreshed every day and am looking forward to setting up my classroom, which will hopefully be in a few weeks.

What's everyone else been up to??