Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Few Sillies

Boy, "I'm going to draw an alligator, because alligators are FEROCIOUS!!"

Girl, "Are you going to Open House?" Boy, "What are you saying?" Girl, "Are - you - going - to - Open - House?" Boy, "PUPPY HOUSE?!" Then the girl puts her head in hands.

Me talking to a boy in time out for continuously talking in the hall: "What does 'zone 0' mean?" (No talking.) Boy, "Breakfast is over."   (?!)

I am laughing with my class and they are laughing at me all day long. I've been so exhausted that I can hardly think straight. In the last 7 days, I have dropped my bowl of cereal on myself and later busted my lip while moving a cat tree. In class I've bumped into tables and written the wrong day of the week on the board (the mistake was immediately pointed out by a student :). I'm hip-hop dancing to the Rules Rap, which I choreographed for my class. I'm doing a hand-jive (and getting laughed at all the times I mess up) to a song called "The Little Tree House." Good times...

But it has not been all fun and you may remember from a previous post. I'm so busy and tired and have too many kids in a small room...   I just need to get through tomorrow - Ms. Mary Tooth Fairy is coming in the afternoon, after school I have a parent conference, and  then tomorrow night is Open House. I'm hoping that things will be more settled next week!!

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