Sunday, August 22, 2010

In the Beginning...

This picture was taken from the entrance to my classroom. It's a teensy little room! It only goes to the right about four more feet and diagonal. Also, the shape of the room is whacky because it used to be part of an open-school layout.

The day before school started we had a "preview day." I had about a third of my class show up with their families for our meet-and-greet. It's always interesting how they act... some are very shy while others jump right in and get into everything! The sheet in the middle was filled out by all parents either on preview day or on the first day of school for transportation and phone number notes. I put together the packet on the right that I give it to the parents along with an apple. It begins with a poem that I have no clue whom to credit:

Apples for the teacher 
Are nothing really new,
Except when you remember
Parents are teachers too! 

It follows with a letter from me to the parents. The pages following are a supply list, "ABCs of Kindergarten," and a good document about reading with your child. (One parent almost cried when she read the poem... a few days later her son brought me an apple! So sweet!!)

I don't leave the kids out. They get to take home a new pencil and fruit snacks. 

Before they leave, I take a family portrait, which I hang outside my door. 

On the first day of school I take a "first day" picture that I put in their "All About Me Books." I also take 2 pictures of each student playing in centers. I hang these pictures on our door.

Future blog entries: 
- This year's theme
- My Centers
- The Kissing Hand activities
- Open House
- Using Quantum Learning
- Something YOU suggest  (Who are my readers anyway? Tell me about you!)

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