Sunday, December 18, 2011


My Hooding Ceremony

Yesterday I made my way across the stage at LU to receive my diploma for my Master of Arts in Teaching English Language Learners. YAY! :) I've been teaching ELLs on a waiver this school year, and it has been wonderful. I'm so glad to be finished with weekends in class and writing my Action Research paper. Wooh! I really feel like a master, too. I made a 96 on the paper and a 4.0 overall GPA! Booyah!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Make It, Games!!

ZAP! For this game, put any skill you are practicing on a stick, in this case letter names/sounds. Students take turns drawing a stick, if he/she gets the answer correct he/she keeps it. If not, he/she puts it back. If ZAP! is drawn, that child has to return all of his/her sticks.

Write letters on wooden cubes. Roll, put the vowel die in the middle, and read the CVC real or nonsense word. Great!!

Who let the letters out? /s/ /s/ /s/ /s/!! Glue a magnet to the tip of a puppy stuffed animal. Use magnetic letters and start the sing-along! (Dr. Jean told me about this one at a workshop) 

I have bears covering uppercase and lowercase letters, shapes, and numbers. Whenever we have an extra few minutes, I just grab the bears. We sing to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle"..."x bear, x, bear, what do you see? I see t bear looking me...." For some reason they love it! It's great for the ELs because of the repetition, so they can pick up the letter names they don't know and still sing along. (I got this idea from the Dr. Jean workshop, too!)


First we teach "color in the lines." Not long after, we are teaching five-year-olds to write in the lines. I teach my class by comparing the lines to a two-story house. All adults (uppercase letters) and teens (tall lowercase letters) stand downstairs, but are allowed upstairs, too. Babies (lowercase letters) are not tall enough to go upstairs and have to stand downstairs. Then, there are five brave babies that aren't afraid to play in the basement (lowercase letters: g, j, p, q, y).

We also practice lowercase letters with a Dr. Jean song, which has slipped my mind, by doing something up high, in the middle, or down low when you say each letter of the alphabet. 

Finally, I make shape-boxes around words to help the students notice words have a shape. Some catch on quickly, others... well, don't. ;)

Sunday, September 11, 2011


This year, our school's theme is "All Aboard, Full Steam Ahead!" We love the theme, so we covered one of our hallway walls with our Kindergarten Express. I think it's frickin adorable. Making it through the year a success is a team effort - teachers, parents, children, and the community.

Monday, August 1, 2011


10 more days until school starts! :) 

Cubbies are now cleaned out. Whew!

Rules are ready. PBIS: Be Respectful. Be Responsible. Be Ready. And my class rules from Dr. Jean's Rules Rap. Oh, and since my a/c controller thingamadoo is in the pic, I'd like to point out that I have had NO a/c... yep 80+ degrees in there everyday since I've been back. 

Room is beginning to take shape.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Back to School!

Monday it will be time turn my room back into a classroom! I love this part. The pictures above show how I left it in June. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Western Day

 With a sing-a-long led by my stepdad, "Cowboy Steve"

The kids' top 5
1. Cowboy Steve's snake skin boots
2. Singing "You Are My Sunshine"
3. Riding around on the old fashioned "horse-head-on-a-stick"
4. Dressing up
5. Watching a real cowgirl on a Postcards from Buster video

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Butterflies in the Sky!

This year's butterflies! It was quite the science lesson discussing the stages of the life cycle and a math lesson as we discussed symmetry and made an ABC pattern to hang in the hall (caterpillar, chrysalis, and butterfly - sorry egg).

Disney Spectacular and Art Show

My character was Mary Poppins! 


We made maracas from leftover Easter eggs, dressed up, and danced like crazy. We even ate authentic Mexican food and busted a pinata! 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Test Time!

Kindergarten's Sight Word Challenge... 
Each child has a personal goal to reach up to 220 words. 

My class adopted a 3rd grade class to encourage them during TCAP, which begins tomorrow. We gave them this advice: Slash the Trash! We also made them cards and goody bags. I have parent volunteers bringing them snacks and pencils. Tomorrow we are going to play outside together after the first test. :)

I am amazed out how motivated our school is this year. We had 3 Saturday Scholar study sessions. Younger grades adopted third and fourth grade classes. Our art teacher painted our vision at the front entrance and all school staff signed it to show that we believe in our students. The kids seem pumped to show off what they know. Good luck test-takers! 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Welcome Spring!

Last week we concluded our in-depth study of plants. How do you like our door? We made the entire flower with our handprints. We are still studying living things - and our beans and marigolds are just beginning to sprout. :)   This week's topic is insects, and our field trip to the zoo falls on Thursday. Next week's topic is the ocean, and the following week we'll go back in time to study dinosaurs. We are going to be experts on living things when it's all over and done! 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

St. Patty's

Woops, I didn't realize I left out our fun St. Patrick's Day activities... Here are a couple:

Lucky Charm Graph

March Calendar Practice

 Family Project: Make a Leprechaun Trap
The side of this hat read "Do Not Climb!" So sneaky. When he gets to the top, it caves in and is trapped. :)

I love how the outside of this trap is decorated! When it's open, it's propped up with a stick attached to a gold coin. When he takes the coin, the stick falls and traps him. Clever. :) 

Rainbow Craft and Writing

Thursday, February 24, 2011


RTI stands for Response to Intervention. Our entire school has RTI time from 9-9:30 everyday. Children switch classes to be with a group based on their needs according to DIBELS results in literacy. I see the "at-risk" students who are in intensive need of extra support. We just began a few weeks ago, and we love it. I've basically started from the beginning - letter names and sounds. Here is a picture of students tracking the alphabet as we say (not sing) it:

Each day I have about the same routine:
1. Challenge - 1 student a day tries to beat whatever challenge he/she is on. The first one is to just say the letters of the alphabet.
2. Phoneme Cards
3. PALS - something done by Vanderbilt University that teaches SO much (b/m/e sounds, blending, decoding, rhyming, syllables, etc.)
4. A Dr. Jean get up and dance song practicing letters/sounds
5. letters on the projector

Presidents Day 2011

Love this: "Rocko Obama" 

100th Day Activities

100 piece puzzles: $100 bill, bald eagle, and some random Precious Moments puzzle.

At the computer center: 
Just for fun: 

 Every celebration needs a crown!


 Hall Display: Hundred Items Project and activity Present/Future (100) activity

 What I look like now verses what I will look like when I'm 100:

He gave his 100-year-old self a mohawk and said,"Are you ready to rock?"
He said he will also bake cookies. :)