Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dr. Jean

I'm on the right, standing with the famous Dr. Jean Feldman in the middle and my teammate and mentor on the left.

I've already implemented so many ideas from her marvelous workshop. I'll have to take some pictures of things I've made that my kids love. It was perfect timing, because my school just started RTI. Every morning I see a group of 9 low-performing students to work on reading skills. I've been using Dr. Jean's letter songs and activities since the start.

An update on my Action Research Project: I think I'm now leaning towards conducting my research on the extent to which RTI benefits ELL students in something like oral blending, sound segmentation, or decoding. Six of my nine RTI group is in ELL.

Another update: This semester's school book club is discussing The Collaborative Teacher. Tonight we talked about the first section. Although I was so bored every time I picked up the book that I fell asleep, I do believe the conversation tonight was highly valuable. I look forward to some of the changes we might make at our school as a result of this book study.

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