Thursday, February 24, 2011


RTI stands for Response to Intervention. Our entire school has RTI time from 9-9:30 everyday. Children switch classes to be with a group based on their needs according to DIBELS results in literacy. I see the "at-risk" students who are in intensive need of extra support. We just began a few weeks ago, and we love it. I've basically started from the beginning - letter names and sounds. Here is a picture of students tracking the alphabet as we say (not sing) it:

Each day I have about the same routine:
1. Challenge - 1 student a day tries to beat whatever challenge he/she is on. The first one is to just say the letters of the alphabet.
2. Phoneme Cards
3. PALS - something done by Vanderbilt University that teaches SO much (b/m/e sounds, blending, decoding, rhyming, syllables, etc.)
4. A Dr. Jean get up and dance song practicing letters/sounds
5. letters on the projector

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