Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Test Time!

Kindergarten's Sight Word Challenge... 
Each child has a personal goal to reach up to 220 words. 

My class adopted a 3rd grade class to encourage them during TCAP, which begins tomorrow. We gave them this advice: Slash the Trash! We also made them cards and goody bags. I have parent volunteers bringing them snacks and pencils. Tomorrow we are going to play outside together after the first test. :)

I am amazed out how motivated our school is this year. We had 3 Saturday Scholar study sessions. Younger grades adopted third and fourth grade classes. Our art teacher painted our vision at the front entrance and all school staff signed it to show that we believe in our students. The kids seem pumped to show off what they know. Good luck test-takers! 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Welcome Spring!

Last week we concluded our in-depth study of plants. How do you like our door? We made the entire flower with our handprints. We are still studying living things - and our beans and marigolds are just beginning to sprout. :)   This week's topic is insects, and our field trip to the zoo falls on Thursday. Next week's topic is the ocean, and the following week we'll go back in time to study dinosaurs. We are going to be experts on living things when it's all over and done!