Sunday, November 6, 2011

Make It, Games!!

ZAP! For this game, put any skill you are practicing on a stick, in this case letter names/sounds. Students take turns drawing a stick, if he/she gets the answer correct he/she keeps it. If not, he/she puts it back. If ZAP! is drawn, that child has to return all of his/her sticks.

Write letters on wooden cubes. Roll, put the vowel die in the middle, and read the CVC real or nonsense word. Great!!

Who let the letters out? /s/ /s/ /s/ /s/!! Glue a magnet to the tip of a puppy stuffed animal. Use magnetic letters and start the sing-along! (Dr. Jean told me about this one at a workshop) 

I have bears covering uppercase and lowercase letters, shapes, and numbers. Whenever we have an extra few minutes, I just grab the bears. We sing to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle"..."x bear, x, bear, what do you see? I see t bear looking me...." For some reason they love it! It's great for the ELs because of the repetition, so they can pick up the letter names they don't know and still sing along. (I got this idea from the Dr. Jean workshop, too!)


First we teach "color in the lines." Not long after, we are teaching five-year-olds to write in the lines. I teach my class by comparing the lines to a two-story house. All adults (uppercase letters) and teens (tall lowercase letters) stand downstairs, but are allowed upstairs, too. Babies (lowercase letters) are not tall enough to go upstairs and have to stand downstairs. Then, there are five brave babies that aren't afraid to play in the basement (lowercase letters: g, j, p, q, y).

We also practice lowercase letters with a Dr. Jean song, which has slipped my mind, by doing something up high, in the middle, or down low when you say each letter of the alphabet. 

Finally, I make shape-boxes around words to help the students notice words have a shape. Some catch on quickly, others... well, don't. ;)